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Brahm Global through its Investment Banking & Capital Management division is setting up opportunities for investors to participate in the growth of the Group alongside co-investing with Mr. Bhavook Tripathi.


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Brahm Precision Materials Pvt Ltd. India

Location: India

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Brahm Skyroot

India’s first-ever privately designed and developed rocket is step closer to becoming a reality in 2021. Skyroot is setting up India’s first set of privately built space launch vehicles. We are founded by two former scientists of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) — Pawan Kumar Chandana and Naga Bharath Daka — supported by India’s veteran space and defense scientists. The company behind the rocket, Skyroot Aerospace, has successfully test-fired its first solid rocket propulsion stage demonstrator called Kalam-5. Targeting launch of India's first private launch vehicle by 2021 at 40% cheaper cost than average international market price.

Europe Middle East North America

Assemble and Launch Based on Skyroot Technology

1 - Rockets

2 - Satellites 

3 - Torpedoes


Brahm Global Markets Capital Partners Canada

Location: Canada

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Brahm Capital Partners AIF India

Location: India

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Global public & Private Markets

Provide Indian based investors seamless exposure to global capital market opportunities.

Brahm Consulting Technologies FZ-LLC

Location: Dubai

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